The Näscherei is super cozy café located in the centre of Hamburg, it is easy to reach through public transport. The Bus stop closest to the café is called "Mundsburger Brücke" or "Mundsburger Damm". The café offers a large variety of foods including amazing cakes and delicious different types of coffee and tea. Everyone at the café is kind and very helpful and polite. The Näscherei has a beautiful interior as well as really harmonious atmosphere, it's always filled with people. Some celebrate their birthdays or have other gatherings in the café. The café is open from Tuesdays to Sundays, it offers an amazing mint tea and brilliant coffees.


Rock our kitchen!

Rock Our Kitchen! 


On the way to one of my favourite restaurants I came across a new one. It had just opened very recently and therefore I had never seen it before. It was so appealing to the eye and almost immediately intrigued me, so instead of spending a Friday night at a restaurant I've been to plenty of times I decided to try something else. 


Rock our kitchen is a restaurant which I found in the Lilienstraße 9, 20095 Hamburg. Rock our kitchen a newly founded restaurants which offers a variety of salads and pizzas. When visiting the restaurant you have the chance to create your own meal or alter the ones already given, or you can let yourself be surprised by a couple of talented cooks. The Restaurant offers a large variety of german wines as well as other drinks such as the homemade lemonades. 


The interior of the restaurant is very cozy and extremely welcoming. The staff and environment help with a wonderful experience.   (more information here) 



Food truck Festival


Food Truck Festival with Fran 



So I thought I might share something I like to do in Hamburg! Going to the food truck festival is great if you want to enjoy good food and a great atmosphere.  I think it is especially fun to do in the summer months!



Hollywood Canten

Hello Everyone!


Have you ever seen an old American movie which played in a Diner? Where the food was served in red little baskets and the character chose music over the boom box? And did you think of really wanting to go to one too? Then you should go and visit:


Amazing Burgers and Hot dogs are sold here, the products are named after great singer and actors from the past such as Elvis Presley, Clint Eastwood or Tony Curtis. The interior of the place is what makes it so unique, it resembles an American diner and it is said to sell the best burgers in town. If you want to heat fries with chilli and melted cheese or Burgers with bacon, beef and barbecue sauce then you should definitely visit this place. It is cozy and laid back the staff is very kind and helpful and allows you to be introduced to a typical American Diner.




Peter Pane

If you're in Hamburg and you even remotely like burgers you have to go to Peter Pane! It is a trendy family restaurant that serves the most amazing burgers for a variety of dietary requirements (e.g: vegans, vegetarians and even gluten free options are available). Not only is the food delicious, but also the price is fair. Drop by one if you can! 



Bear Claw

Bear Claw is a chic and alternative burger restaurant. It has a large variety of 'meat sandwiches' as well as salads and desserts. Bear claw is a great place to hang out with friends especially in the spring and summer time. Bear Claw is a self service restaurant but the workers are kind, polite and helpful.