Hello Everyone!


Hamburg can be seen as a whole, but you could also look closer and see all the different districts and areas. The areas in Hamburg are all very different and unique most of all Altona. Altona is a huge district that can be reached with almost every line of transportation. The train station Altona is also used for regional and mainline trains. Altona is a very multicultural area of the city, there are many different types of restaurants, cozy cafés, galleries, music stores, funky clothing stores and markets. On sunny days there are often street musicians filling the streets with music, sometimes there will be whole groups of performers or single talents. You will have access to amazing barbers and cosmetic shops. Altona is an area where a lot Hamburg’s young people and families live, they fill the area with life and emotion.


Altona is located very closely to the river Elbe, and was part of Denmark from 1604 to 1864 and was an independent city until 1937. Altona was first founded as  fisher village like many villages which are now called ‘Hamburg’. All together there is are around 243,972 people living in Altona. Because of major Jewish restrictions in Hamburg from 1611 a huge Jewish community was formed in Altona until 1864.

“The Greater Hamburg Act” in 1937 removed Altona from the Free State of Prussia and put it together with other towns to form the Hanseatic city of Hamburg.